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Shallow air flotation machine performance advantages and composition requirements
- Mar 27, 2018 -

The shallow air flotation machine integrates agglomerates, slagging, sedimentation, air flotation, and mud scraping to a certain degree. The entire facility will present its cylinder as a whole. The shallow air flotation machine has a compact structure and a shallow pond. The main body of the device is mainly composed of five major parts: a pool body, a rotating water distribution structure, a dissolved gas release mechanism, a frame mechanism, and a water collection mechanism.

The inlet and outlet of the shallow air flotation machines are closely connected with the discharge of the flotation slag. The equipment can effectively provide the complete equipment assembly and control system to the extent that the equipment can be integrated through centralized control and decentralized control to make the equipment To achieve the best operating condition. The shallow air floater uses the principle of dissolved air flotation to pass in some dissolved air in the water to be treated. The microbubbles released in the dissolved air are used to float the suspended solids or oil in the water to reach the solid and liquid. The purpose of separation.

Shallow air flotation machine performance advantages

1. High dissolved gas efficiency and stable treatment effect. According to requirements, the dissolved gas pressure and the reflux ratio of dissolved gas to water can be adjusted.

2. According to different water quality and process requirements: Single dissolved gas or double dissolved gas can be provided.

3. The shallow air floatation system adopts an integrated combination method, which effectively reduces space requirements, occupies a small area, consumes low energy, and is easy to install and transport.

4. The use of high-efficiency recoilable release device can improve the utilization efficiency of dissolved gas water and at the same time ensure the stability of the operation of the air floatation equipment.

5. Use a low-noise compressor to solve the noise problem that has been plaguing people for a long time.

The shallow air floater is a highly efficient equipment for water purification treatment by carefully designing, collecting, flotation, slagging, sedimentation and scraping. Shallow air flotation machine is mainly used to use a large number of micro-bubbles to capture the adsorption of fine particles of adhesive to float, to achieve the effect of solid-liquid separation.