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Shallow air flotation machine has high purification degree and bubble formation requirements
- Sep 11, 2018 -

The shallow air flotation machine has many advantages in the process of using it. The speed of the water flow of the equipment is relatively low, and the water wall speed of the water is close to zero speed, so that the water in the pool is not stirred, so that It will cause the particles in the water to float or settle under static conditions. Let us introduce the degree of purification and the use of surfactants.

The degree of purification of shallow air flotation machine is very high, and the removal rate of suspended matter of the equipment can effectively reach more than 91%. The utilization rate of dissolved air of shallow air flotation machine is very high, in the process of use. Mainly to use the gas pressure tube with better pressure, the unit gas dissolution rate can reach 90%, and the air flotation effect is good.

The formation of bubbles in the shallow air flotation machine, the smaller the radius of the bubble during operation, the greater the additional pressure in the bubble, so that the probability of the air molecules in the device bubble effectively colliding with the bubble film It will become more and more intense, thus obtaining a stable microbubble and a guarantee of the strength of the bubble film.

The shallow air flotation machine has small air bubbles and fast floating speed. It has little disturbance to the water body during use, and does not crush the floccules during use. It can effectively increase its large bubbles and colliding collisions during use. Probability. But not the finer the bubble, the better, mainly because if the bubble is too thin, it will directly affect the speed of the device.