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Shallow air flotation machine features and application
- Apr 19, 2018 -

The shallow air flotation machine is an advanced air floatation system. The special feature of this system is that it collects the functions of coagulation, air flotation, slag slag, sedimentation, and mud scraping. It is a highly efficient and energy-saving water purification equipment. From the aspect of appearance, the shallow air floatation machine is cylindrical as a whole, and its own structural design is compact, and the tank is shallow. The main body of the device consists of five major parts: a pool body, a rotating water distribution mechanism, a melt release mechanism, a frame mechanism, a water collection mechanism, and the like.


In practical applications, shallow air flotation machines first dissolve large amounts of micro-bubbles into the water through the dissolved air system. As the air-bubbles and impurities in the water, the floccules adhere to each other, and the suspended flocs in the water adhere to the micro-bubbles. , Forming a specific gravity smaller than that of water, so that the floating surface quickly emerges. After the scraping device is removed, the solid-liquid separation is completed and the water is purified.


Shallow air flotation machine features:


1. The structure of the shallow air floater is compact and reasonable, which saves space;

2, the work performance is stable, but also has energy-saving energy-saving features, installation and operation is very convenient;

3, short residence time, high surface load rate;

4. Stable treatment effect, good process conditions, integrated control

5, high dissolved gas efficiency, SS removal rate of up to 90%;

6, high degree of automation, easy operation, simple maintenance, reliable operation.


Shallow air flotation machine application range:

1. For the moment, shallow air flotation machines can be used mainly for the treatment of water from lakes and lakes to obtain algae and turbidity;

2, shallow air floatation machine can also be used for the treatment of industrial wastewater, including petrochemical, paper, textile, printing and dyeing, electroplating, leather, food industry and other fields. In addition, shallow air floaters can also be used for the recovery of useful substances in wastewater.