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Sewage treatment technology and structural characteristics of cavitation air flotation aerator
- Sep 13, 2018 -

The cavitation air flotation aerator is an excellent sewage treatment technology. It is very reasonable in the design process. The equipment is easy to operate and economical to operate. The whole equipment is directly generated by air bubbles, directly from the wastewater. The solid suspended matter, grease, gelatin and the like are removed, and the air flotation machine directly injects the "microbubbles" into the sewage without previously dissolving the gas. The air flotation machine is mainly composed of a box body, an aerator, a mud scraping system, etc., and does not require equipment such as a pressure dissolved gas, an air compressor, and a circulation pump.

The specific structural characteristics of the cavitation air flotation aerator

1. The dissolved gas tank produces small bubbles with a particle size of 20-40um, and the adherent floc is firm, which can achieve a good air floatation effect.

2. The amount of flocculant used is small and the cost is reduced.

3. The operating procedures are easy to master, the water quality and quantity are easy to control, and the management is simple.

4. There is a backwash system, and the release is not easy to block.

5. The dissolved air flotation machine overcomes many problems such as unstable operation of the traditional air flotation device, large air bubbles and blockage of the release head.