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Round Dissolved Air Flotation Machine Common Problems and Solutions
- Aug 26, 2017 -

In the case of the actual application of the round dissolved air flotation machine, we will actually pay attention to bring it the bubble is relatively large, and very dense, slightly smaller to 20 microns in diameter, the adsorption capacity is stronger, that is to say it to a certain extent, effectively remove the SS in the wastewater, but also can reduce the insoluble COD. However, the round dissolved air flotation machine, after all, is a mechanical equipment, it is inevitable in the course of the operation there are some failures exist.

round dissolved air flotation machine

First of all, in the face of round dissolved air flotation machine gas on the gas is relatively small, we actually have to pay attention to check the dissolved gas and dissolved air pump is not a blocking phenomenon, when found to have a blocking phenomenon Of the time, we should actually be timely to deal with, the next is to pay attention to look at the impeller pump is not normal, not normal to adjust it to normal.

If the round dissolved air flotation machine in the operation when there is no dissolved gas water phenomenon, we actually have to pay attention to check the valve is not need to open, check the dissolved gas release is not included in the plug , Then, that is, pay attention to check the compressor is not normal, pay attention to adequate air supply.

When faced with round dissolved air flotation machine for a long time do not have, but after the start of the phenomenon of downtime, the reasons for this failure, the more likely situation is because the self-insurance line has been off or the self-protection Line according to the point of contact resistance is relatively large. At this time to be self-insurance line, excluding self-protection point on the contact resistance.

Open the round dissolved air flotation machine when the gas dissolved when the normal water, but after half an hour there is no dissolved water appears, in a large extent, in fact, will be part of the gas supply and electrical appliances have a great relationship, this time , In fact, we should pay attention to should check the hand, automatic transfer switch is not put in place, look at the round dissolved air flotation machine on the automatic control circuit is not off the phenomenon.

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