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Residential District Domestic Sewage Treatment Equipment Process Introduction
- Dec 30, 2017 -

From the residential community living sewage treatment equipment development and application analysis, has been gradually transition from a single process to the combination of technology. And if from the perspective of whether or not to analyze oxygen, then the development of residential sewage treatment equipment can be summarized as such a development trajectory: the first is anaerobic, followed by aerobic, anaerobic + aerobic, and finally Anaerobic + hypoxia.


At present in the domestic residential area to use more extensive domestic sewage treatment equipment is buried sewage treatment equipment. The following to understand the specific person content. First of all, due to the relatively scattered residential quarters, the overall logistics flow showed a small, biodegradable good characteristics. Therefore, when processing, biofilm treatment technology will be prioritized. This method has a lot of advantages, not only has a high concentration of microorganisms, but also the food chain length, but also does not produce raw sludge expansion, sludge settling performance and so on.


Second, in the case of residential quarters built in recent years, due to the shortage of land, it is generally preferable to select the sewage treatment technology of the land occupation province when selecting suitable domestic sewage treatment facilities. At the same time in the design of the time will take the appropriate to promote. At present, during the design, the structure is mainly designed underground or semi-underground to form an underground sewage treatment station.


The advantage of using this kind of domestic sewage treatment equipment is that the space on the ground can still be used, for example, it can be arranged in the pattern of green space or flower bed to achieve the effect of beautifying the environment. However, when using this structure, should pay attention to the depth, improve equipment, ventilation requirements and odor treatment and other issues.


In short, taking into account the increasingly tense residential land in the country, as well as the requirements for greening, so in the future when the layout of domestic sewage treatment equipment, will gradually toward the buried structure development. At the same time using the assembly of domestic sewage treatment equipment, not only simple installation, short construction period, but also easy to maintain.