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Process flow of dissolved air flotation device
- Jul 26, 2018 -

As a device for solid-liquid separation, a dissolved air flotation device mainly uses a pressurized method to dissolve air in water, and then releases microbubbles to adhere to the suspended matter under reduced pressure to make the whole The specific gravity is smaller than that of water and floats on the surface of the water, and is scraped off by mechanical means to meet the processing requirements. So, what is the process flow of the dissolved air flotation device?


During the operation of the dissolved air flotation device, the process flow can be mainly divided into three parts: pressure dissolved gas system, dissolved gas release system and air flotation separation system. Among them, the pressure dissolved gas tank in the pressure dissolved gas system is the key equipment that affects the dissolved gas effect. The function of the dissolved gas release system is to pass the pressure dissolved water through energy dissipation and decompression, so that the gas dissolved in the water is released as microbubbles, and can quickly and uniformly adhere to the impurities in the water.


The air flotation separation system of the dissolved air flotation device can adopt different structural forms, and the common ones are advection type, vertical flow type and integrated type. The function of the system is to ensure a certain volume and surface area of the pool, so that the microbubble group and the floc in the water are fully mixed, contacted and adhered to ensure separation of the gas floc and the clean water.