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Pressure dissolved air flotation machine profile
- Jan 13, 2018 -

Overall, the pressure dissolved air flotation machine has been in the water and industrial wastewater treatment have achieved good results. In contrast, pressure dissolved air flotation machine with less investment, accounting for the ground is extremely small, high degree of automation, operation and management advantages.


However, in actual use, but also need to be based on wastewater quality and quantity of water and processing technology and other factors targeted selection and use. Pressure dissolved air flotation machine's main role is to be used for water supply and drainage and wastewater treatment, which effectively remove the wastewater is difficult to precipitate the light flocks.


About pressure Dissolved air flotation machine works: in the role of dissolved gas device, will produce a large number of small bubbles, these small bubbles and water will be fine suspended particles together. Due to the buoyancy effect, it will rise to the surface of the water with the bubbles to form scum so that fine particles of water can be removed.


Structural characteristics of pressure dissolved air flotation machine: In the design of the structure, due to the specially designed high-efficiency vortex tank, which can be dissolved in water, decompression release, in the water to produce fine bubbles. These fine bubbles have a particle size in the range of 20 to 40 μm, thus providing more favorable conditions for adhering to the flocs.


In the use of pressure dissolved air flotation process, in the case of the ideal removal of suspended solids, can significantly reduce the amount of flocculant. And its purification effect is better than pressurized dissolved air flotation. During operation, the user can flexibly adjust according to the need, the process is stable, no need of special care.


Pressure flotation machines are not only more stable to operate but also produce smaller bubbles for higher flotation rates than conventional flotation units. In the process of using pressure dissolved air flotation machine to solve the problem of odor.