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Pressure Dissolved Air Flotation Machine Process
- Sep 02, 2017 -

For the pressure dissolved air flotation machine air pressure floating process, we actually have to pay attention to it has three main components of the main, first of all, in fact, refers to the pressure dissolved gas system, then Is a dissolved gas release system and its air flotation separation system. On the composition of these three aspects and the role is actually not the same.

First of all, when it comes to pressure dissolved air flotation machine dissolved gas floating process, first of all we actually have to pay attention to its pressure dissolved gas system. Including water pumps, air compressors, pressure dissolved gas tank and other ancillary equipment. In this case, in terms of pressure dissolved gas tank, it is in fact to a large extent, is the impact of dissolved gas effect of a key equipment. Using the air compressor air supply.

Pressure dissolved air flotation machine

Air float itself requires less air, we can use the power on the relatively small air compressor, and, on the other hand, that is, you can take intermittent mode of operation. In addition, the air compressor on the gas, but also directly to ensure that the pressure of the pump will not have a relatively large loss of Zhu. Under normal circumstances, the pump to the dissolved gas tank pressure is about 0.5MPa, it is precisely because of this, can save energy.

In the process of pressure dissolved air flotation machine, there are dissolved gas release system. Is composed of the release device (or perforated tube, pressure reducing valve) and dissolved gas pipeline. Dissolved gas release device will be dissolved dissolved water dissolved energy, decompression, so that the gas in the form of micro-bubbles directly released, and can quickly and evenly and water impurities in the adhesion.

The air flotation separation system in the pressure dissolved air flotation machine is classified into three types, including advection, vertical flow and integrated, on a certain degree of madness. The function of this system of the pressure dissolving air flotation machine is to ensure a certain volume and the surface area of the pool, so that the flocs in the microbubble group and the water are sufficiently mixed, contacted and adhered.

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