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Points for attention in the use of the activated carbon filter
- Nov 18, 2017 -

The cylinder block of activated carbon filter is a hydraulic simulation long diameter design, and it adopts high efficient activated carbon with a reasonable particle size and a surface area of more than 1000 ㎡/g. In this way, the activated carbon filter not only has the upper layer effect filtration, but also has the lower efficient adsorption.


The use of the activated carbon filter can greatly improve the water purification degree and the service life of carbon. After the activated carbon adsorption filter treatment, the water quality residual chlorine content is ≤ 0.1 ppm. The performance of the removing the odor, organics, colloid, iron and chlorine in the water is quite remarkable.


The use of activated carbon filter can reduce the turbidity, chroma, purify the water quality, and reduce the pollution of the follow-up system (reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, ion exchanger).


When using the activated carbon filter, pay attention to the oil  absorption strainer, high pressure oil filter, low pressure oil filter, and by-pass filter system installed out of the system. Because the adsorption capacity of activated carbon filter has a certain saturation value, the adsorption function of activated carbon filter will be greatly reduced when the adsorption capacity is reached.


In the initial stage of using the active carbon filter (or at the beginning of the operation after replacing the activated carbon ), a small amount of fine powder activated carbon will cause unnecessary trouble as the flow enters the reverse osmosis equipment system. In view of this, it is necessary to wash the activated carbon in the activated carbon filter.