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Periphery drive sludge scraper performance characteristics and uses
- Apr 26, 2018 -

At present, the peripheral transmission mud scraper equipment has excellent performance, and has gradually become a commonly used sedimentation tank scraping equipment in major urban water plants and urban sewage treatment plants. Peripheral drive scraper mainly consists of drive mechanism, main girder, center rotation support, guide tube, scraping system, slag bucket and rinsing mechanism, articulated scrap rake, slag slag board, slag hopper, outlet triangle Board, scum baffle, control box and other components.


First, the main features of the periphery drive sludge scraper:

1. The transmission device of the peripheral transmission scraper has been professionally optimized and designed, thus the work efficiency is higher, and the shape design is more and more beautiful. The corresponding gear reducer or shaft-mounted gear reducer can be configured according to the user's requirements and is more beautiful. durable.

2. Under normal conditions, the equipment can achieve a greater amount of processing per unit time, and it is effective in scraping sludge.

3, the structure of the device is compact and reasonable, the occupied space is small, and it is more convenient for the user to use and maintain the operation.

4, the equipment is stable and reliable, scraping, scraping dross can be carried out at the same time, very energy-efficient.


Second, the main performance of the surrounding transmission scraper:

From the structural analysis, the main beam of the peripheral transmission scraper is specially made of square steel, not only to ensure the structural strength, but also to spray paint after the hot-dip galvanizing process, it can make it have a strong anti-corrosion properties, prolong life .


Third, the surrounding drive scraper use:


Based on the analysis of the performance characteristics of the periphery drive sludge scraper, the equipment is mainly designed for the structure of intermediate water inflow, sludge discharge, and peripheral drainage in the process of work, so as to ensure uniform water flow. Peripheral transmission scraper is mainly used for radial initial sinking, second sedimentation pond drainage, and also for sludge drainage in concentrated ponds. It is a new type of scraper.