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Peripheral driving scraping mud machine specifications and characteristics
- Apr 03, 2018 -

In the process of operation, the peripheral driving scraping mud machine mainly uses self-priming mud for level difference. During the production process, there will be overload protection and scum scraping and excluding device. According to user requirements, the control system can be networked with the microcomputer. .

Peripheral driving scraping mud machine mainly consists of drive mechanism, main girder, outlet triangle plate, scum baffle, scraping system, slag bucket and flushing mechanism, slag slag board, slag bucket, center rotary bearing, and diversion Tubes, control boxes, and articulated scraps.

During the operation of the peripheral transmission scraper, the sewage will diffuse from the inlet pipe in the center of the pool through the diffuser and evenly spread out radially to the surroundings. This will give the sludge a certain degree of suspension. After sedimentation, it is deposited on the bottom of the pool. The supernatant is discharged from the discharge trough through the overflow weir. The sludge scraper scrapes from the pool to the center and collects the mud trough. The water pressure in the pool discharges the water through the mud discharge pipe.

Peripheral Drive Scraper Features

1. It adopts cycloidal pin wheel reducer and worm gear box transmission, which has great torque transmission and good stability.

2. Easy installation, simple maintenance, torque protection, reliable work.

3. Drain mud thoroughly, complete specifications.

Specifications of Peripheral Driving Scraping Mud Machine

1. Bottom scraping mud, water surface slag. The drive unit adopts the shaft-mounted gear motor and the active roller direct drive, with compact structure and high mechanical efficiency.

2. The parallel dislocation line scraper has good continuity and high mud collection efficiency. The mud scraper rubber plate at the bottom of the stainless steel scraper ensures that the scraping mud is completely clean and no floating mud will occur.

3. The slope ratio of the bottom of the pool is 1:10. Sludge resistance is negligible when scraping mud. Special hinged support structure has strong overload capacity.