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Peripheral driving scraping mud machine characteristics
- Mar 08, 2018 -

Peripheral driving scraping mud machine in the operation of its sewage from the pool center of the inlet pipe after diversion through the diversion, the uniform radial radiation to the periphery, was suspended in the sludge will be effective after its deposition in the deposition The bottom of the pool, the supernatant through the weir out of the tank by the discharge tank, the sludge scraping scraping the center from the pool week set mud tank, relying on the pool water pressure through the discharge pipe out of the pool.

Driven around the periphery of the main beam driven by the peripheral drive device, the main beam of the peripheral transmission scraper drives mainly at the center of the rotating support along the top of the pool at a linear velocity of 2.0 m / min. The lower part of the main girder of the device is connected Bracket and sludge scraper and so on.

Peripheral driving scraping mud machine characteristics

1. Peripheral transmission scraper effective use of its cycloid reducer and worm gear box transmission, transmission torque, good stability.

2. Easy installation, easy maintenance, torque protection, reliable work.

3 mud thoroughly, complete specifications.

Peripheral driving scraping mud machine specification performance

1 bottom mud scraping, water skimming. Driven by a shaft-mounted gear motor and drive roller direct drive, compact structure, high mechanical efficiency.

2. parallel misplaced line scraper, continuity, set high efficiency mud; stainless steel scraper at the bottom scraping rubber sheet to ensure that the scraping mud thoroughly clean, there will be no floating mud phenomenon.