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Peripheral Driving Scraping Mud Machine Application Composition And Main Performance
- Jul 01, 2017 -

On the peripheral driving scraping mud machine this kind of sludge scraper, we understand and understand it, the following is mainly related to its application, composition, and working principle and the main performance of these four aspects, Therefore, we hope that we can seriously and in order to timely grasp, so that you can have a good learning effect, and timely, so that their peripheral drive scraper, some understanding and understanding.

1. Application of periphery-drive sludge scraper

Periphery-drive sludge scraper, its main application, is in the sedimentation tank scraping mud machine, therefore, in the sewage or wastewater treatment, is widely used. And, in particular, it is in a circular sedimentation tank, and it is more suitable for a smaller settling tank.

2. The composition of the peripheral driving scraping mud machine

Peripheral driving scraping mud machine This kind of scraper, its composition, mainly have the following components, is the main beam, guide tube, slag bucket, flushing mechanism, scraper system, rotating bearing, scum Baffle, skimmed board, and control box, etc., in addition, there may be other, but depends on the specific circumstances, and need to increase.

3. Working principle of peripheral driven sludge scraper

When the sludge from the inlet pipe into the guide tube, and after the spread, after the sedimentation tank after the plot in the bottom, and its supernatant, it is discharged through the sink out of the pool. Through the sludge scraper from the pool weeks to the center of the set of mud tank, and rely on water pressure, will be discharged out of the pool.

4. The main performance of the periphery-drive sludge scraper

(1) the use of the bottom of the scraper and water skimming, and in the drive device, is the shaft-mounted gear motor and drive roller direct drive, so the scraper, with a compact structure and mechanical efficiency High these two advantages.

(2) in the scraper board, is the use of parallel dislocation line scraper, so that you can have a good continuous performance, and set mud effect. In addition, the bottom of the scraper rubber plate, so that you can thoroughly scraping mud, to ensure that there will be no residue, and the phenomenon of floating mud. In addition, this kind of scraper, simple operation, and can achieve remote control.

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