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Performance Overview of Center drive sludge scraper
- Sep 26, 2017 -

Friends who have used the center drive sludge scraper equipment should know that the equipment is in the process of running the raw water first through the center water distribution pipe and then flows radially to the overflow tank around the pool. As the flow rate is decreasing, so the suspended solids in the water will gradually settle in the bottom of the pool, the top of the liquid through the overflow weir plate from the sink out of the pool.

Part 1: What are the main features of the Center drive sludge scraper?

First of all, the Center drive sludge scraper equipment in the course of operation, can always maintain a relatively stable and reliable working condition, it is because of its transmission part of the special use of electrical and mechanical double overload protection. Second, the underwater parts of the equipment are made of stainless steel, so it has a strong corrosion resistance, which can guarantee a longer service life.

What is the main structure of the center drive sludge scraper?

In fact, the overall structure of the center drive sludge scraper is not particularly complex, including the main components include: drive, support, spindle, rod, railings, steel beams, vertical grating, scraper, Overflow weir board, underwater bearings, small scraper, steady flow tube and electric control box and so on.

The third part of the center drive sludge scraper application areas which?

Due to the stable and reliable working performance, the scope of application of the Center drive sludge scraper is more extensive, such as its often used in urban, textile, chemical and metallurgical areas such as sewage treatment works.

What is the main performance of the center drive sludge scraper?

In general, due to the structure of the center drive sludge scraper, material and other aspects are more outstanding, so it is not only compact and reasonable structure, and high efficiency. In the use of the process, you can achieve remote operation to meet the different requirements of users.

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