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Performance characteristics and design considerations of the lime storage silo
- Dec 02, 2017 -

Do you know what the main composition of the lime storage silo is? From the overall structure, the composition is usually: The silo is equipped with manholes, blanking cone bucket, top guardrail, silo support, feed pipeline, the ladder with back retainer and top bag unloading hole, etc. In order to reduce pollution, the lime storage silo will also be equipped with a corresponding dust removal device.


In addition, in order to prevent the occurrence of excessive pressure or blockage in the lime storage silo, the corresponding relief valve is required at the same time. When designing the storage silo, it must be considered in conjunction with the actual work requirements. For example, in order to ensure the normal continuous operation of the lime silo system, each structure should be pre-assembled before leaving the factory to ensure the site assembly dimensions.


When selecting the materials, usually, the main body of the lime storage silo is made of steel, and the cone part of the silo also needs to take appropriate wear-resistant measures at the same time. In addition, a sealed manhole door is provided at the top of the lime silo, which can be opened rapidly with hinges and handles, and the emergency vent valve should also be provided at the top of the door. In order to avoid the problem of blocking powder, the system should also be equipped with a full set of fluidizer to ensure that limestone powder has good fluidity.


In addition, in the process of designing lime storage silo, it is necessary to ensure its strength is suitable, so some extreme conditions, such as limestone powder storehouse full material, limestone powder bulk density according to the larger density design, etc. At the same time,  the wind speed, wind pressure and so on also need to be considered.


Normally, the lime storage silo is supported by the steel reinforced concrete support, and the manual slide plate gate and pneumatic slide plate gate are required to be set at the  discharge port. The strength design of the slide plate gate of the lime storage silo should be considered in full with the silo pressure, so as to ensure that the slide plate gate can be operated normally under the full charge of the discharge nozzle.