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Performance advantages of modern lime storage silos
- Jan 04, 2018 -

With the continuous improvement of technology, the functions and performance of various production equipment have also been gradually improved and upgraded. The same is true for lime storage. Currently in the lime storage warehouse design, according to the needs of lime volume and dosing system with different dosage. As a result, labor costs can be greatly reduced.


At the same time can also improve the scene of the operating environment, but also to further improve the level of automation. For example, in a system where lime powder is transported by a transport tanker, the powder is delivered to the silos along with the air for storage and then to a cleanup, where the lime powder falls into the lime silo itself. The storage capacity of the silo can then be used to signal the control system via the fill level sensor.


Under the control of the control system, the lime dosing machine located at the bottom of the silo will send the material quantitatively and quantitatively according to the design requirements. Through the frequency conversion screw conveyor in the sealed pipeline to the dissolution tank, add water to prepare the required concentration of the solution. Then also need to carry out the slag treatment, and then into the storage tank, with the metering pump injection to the injection point to ensure that the storage capacity of lime storage to meet the requirements to complete the dosing of lime.


It can be seen from the above introduction that in the entire lime storage system, feeding and discharging materials are very convenient, and the whole process will not cause dust spill, greatly improving the working environment. In addition, automation is achieved thanks to the use of a PLC automation system. For users, but also greatly improve the work efficiency.


The lime storage system consists of different systems, namely lime storage system, dissolution system, storage system and control system. One part of the lime storage tank is mainly composed of feed pipe, top dust collector, pressure vacuum release valve, silo, vibrating bin bottom unloader, unloader, screw conveyor, manual flapper valve, top platform and guardrail Components.