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Overload protection and running direction of driving dredger
- Oct 18, 2018 -

The driving type dredger mainly uses the shaft-mounted reducer as the driving power, and is mounted on the beam at both ends of the driving, which is a double drive. The structure is compact, the loading and unloading is convenient, and the overload protection device is provided on the device. When the drive is overloaded, it will stop the protection (adjust the compression spring to adjust the pre-pressure).

The driving dredger adopts four submersible sewage pumps as the suction power, which is installed on the driving platform and is directly connected with the mud discharging pipeline to a certain extent. When the equipment driving will run along the long direction of the pool, the submersible sewage pump will The sediment sludge at the bottom of the pool is sucked into the pipeline and arranged in the mud tank through the sludge discharge pipeline.

The driving type dredger will be equipped with an oil squeegee to scrape the floating oil floating in the pool body to both ends of the pool body, and then the oil discharging device at both ends of the pool body is excluded. It is connected to the submersible sewage pump to remove the sludge sucked into the pipeline by the sewage pump. The hanger is connected to the driving platform for supporting the suspension suction pipe and the scraping board.