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Operation principle and precautions of dissolved air flotation machine
- Sep 23, 2017 -

For the time being, Dissolved air flotation machine can be used in different workplaces to meet the requirements of different users. For example, we can dissolve air flotation machine for papermaking wastewater treatment and fiber recovery, printing and dyeing wastewater treatment and a variety of heavy metal ion wastewater treatment and other work occasions. So, do you know how the device is doing these tasks?


In order to understand, we need to briefly describe the working principle of dissolved air flotation machine. Typically, after the part of the clear water through the air-conditioning cycle after the pump treatment, and then into the pressurized water into the dissolved gas tank and air mixed. In general, the air dissolution rate can reach at least 80%. In addition, the air in the dissolving tank will control the air compressor through the liquid level controller to enter the dissolved gas tank.


In general, the dissolved gas tank will have a certain pressure, so the need for the release of the decompression process, so that the dissolved water pressure can be released under pressure. After this treatment, the pressure of dissolved water can be reduced to zero, or negative pressure. At this time the air dissolved in the water will be released and the formation of a micro-bubble, and then these micro-bubbles will be combined with the suspended solids in the sewage, and even some micro-bubbles directly grown in the small dissolved aerosol suspension The


As a result, these suspended solids will gradually float with the microbubbles and eventually form a large amount of scum, which can then be removed by chain scraper. Then, part of the water in the lower part of the dissolved air flotation machine buoy will be used as reflux water and the other part will be discharged directly.


In the process of using dissolved air flotation machine, it is necessary to observe the running status. For example, in the scraper treatment, it should be as much as possible to raise the water level in the pool, at the same time it is best to the best dross accumulation and scum moisture content of regular scraping.


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