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Operating time and inspection requirements for shallow air flotation machines
- Nov 06, 2018 -

During the operation of the shallow air flotation machine, the sludge valve is opened every two days. After the sludge is discharged, the valve is closed. After the slewing bearing is operated for 100 hours, the bolt pre-tightening force should be checked once. Check once every hour to ensure sufficient preload; keep adding butter once every 100 hours under rotation and keep a record. The tooth surface should always be cleaned of debris and coated with the corresponding grease.

The bearings of Shallow flotation machines are filled with synthetic calcium-based grease once a month. The rotating joint can be filled with N32 or N22 mechanical oil through the oil cup. The oil level needs to be kept in the middle of the oil sight glass. After 500 hours of continuous use, it is replaced once. After 250 hours, the noise reduction filter is cleaned once, and the gas storage tank is drained once every 8-14 hours, and the parts of the machine are cleaned once a year.

The shallow air flotation machine needs to loosen the nut of the choke once every three months to ensure that the insulating rubber layer is in close contact with the bottom of the tank. Check the carbon brush wear every month, and replace the carbon brush when the carbon brush is worn until only 10 mm is left. Maintenance of the whole machine: Every year, the mechanical and electrical equipment of the shallow air flotation machine is cleaned, lubricated and refueled. The wearing parts and wear parts of the air flotation subsystems are inspected, and if they need to be replaced, they are replaced.