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Mud scraper requirements and scraping mud core production
- Jan 27, 2018 -

Speaking of mud scraper set requirements, the first point to speak, a lot of scum can not be promptly removed or scraping slag when the turbulence on the larger or the scraping slag level and scraping procedures Improper, or mud scraper advancing too fast, that is, it will affect the scraper related equipment flotation effect.


Then, speaking of the equipment on the scraper, for the relatively small size of the rectangular flotation tank is concerned, it is generally used chain scraper, and the large rectangular flotation tank (span of about 10m ) In terms of speaking, we actually want to pay attention to its own is that it will adopt the bridge scraper. As far as its for the circular flotation tank, that is, the use of planetary slag scraper.


In addition, we actually have to pay attention to the direction of the scraper movement of the scraper, that is, it will keep opposite to the direction of the water flow. In order to make the scraper move no more than the speed at which the scum overflows into the slag collection tank , In terms of the speed of the mud scraper, it is necessary to pay attention to be controlled at 50 ~ 100mm / s. In general, dissolved gas tank after the realization of self-control, which is to pay attention to must be based on the amount of slag scraper every 2 ~ 4h should also be run once.


Next, when it comes to scraping the mud scraper core production, it is actually able to quickly and effectively remove the mud in the sewage clean, and will increase with the sewage treatment volume on the scraper equipment In terms of demand, in fact, it will appear bigger and bigger.


Finally, the whole mud scraper mud scraping device which is actually a particularly critical component, because of the various aspects of the impact terms, that is, there will be some unchanged or less change in the straight or curved Of the mud scraper core, such a mud core products in terms of speaking, in fact, it will need to use the guide scraper to make it.