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Media Filter Filter Media And What Are The Characteristics
- Jul 06, 2017 -

Filter, which can be said to be a wide variety, but below, we mainly to introduce one of which is for the media filter, so that we can through this article, to make their own on this kind of filter, There is a certain understanding and understanding, and that this is for us, but also a very good learning opportunities, so it should be a good grasp, so that in order to allow themselves through learning, harvest and progress.

What is a medium filter? This problem, simply speaking, it can be said that the media filter, which is one of the filters, mainly used for filtering. And, it can filter out the material, mainly for the suspension of water, microorganisms, and other particles of impurities, etc., so as to achieve the purpose of purification of water quality. Its application, is for agriculture, chemicals, petroleum and metallurgy, and other industries.

1. Filter media for media filters

Media filters, which use the filter medium, either a single medium, it can be multi-layer media. If it is a single medium, you can put this kind of filter, called the shallow media filter, in the material, there are quartz sand, granite, and volcanic gravel and so on. In the multi-layer media, there are quartz sand, activated carbon, anthracite, manganese sand, etc. These, and two or more than the composition.

2. The composition of the media filter

The composition of the media filter, which is mainly a filter system and control system of these two. In the filtration system, there are four types of high efficiency filter unit, three automatic valves, inlet and outlet pipes and sewage pipes. On the control system, there are PLC timing controllers, differential pressure controllers, control pipelines, and Electromagnetic three-way valve of the four.

3. Features of media filters

The filter effect of the media filter is very good, and a multi-layer filter medium can be used, so that a good filtering effect can be ensured. Its operation in the process, its pressure loss is very small, therefore, can be large flow filtration, and to ensure its filtering effect. Its maintenance and repair, is also very convenient and easy, in addition, you can easily replace the filter media, improve the efficiency of the filter.


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