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Media filter application
- May 29, 2018 -

Media filters, also called media filtration systems, are used to remove suspended solids, microbes, and other contaminants and fine particles in the water to reduce water turbidity and purify water. Moreover, it is a kind of high-efficiency filtration equipment. On the filter element, there are quartz sand, activated carbon and manganese sand. We can choose and determine according to actual conditions and application requirements.


The specific application industries and fields of media filters are specifically:

Industry sector 1: In the fields of power generation, metallurgy, chemical industry, papermaking, and beverages, the raw water is filtered in the early stage;

Industry Field 2: Agricultural Micro-irrigation System;

Industry sector 3: Decolorization of chemical plant water supply, and removal of organic matter;

Industry sector 4: domestic water pretreatment and industrial water treatment;

Industry sector 5: Water treatment of swimming pools, and turbidity and color removal treatment of surface water and groundwater;

Industry sector 6: Recirculating water side-rate systems, and wastewater treatment.


A multi-media filter, which is a type of media filter, is a professional filter that uses one or more filter media to filter turbidity water under certain pressure to remove water. Suspended matter and other impurities make the water clear. The commonly used filter materials are quartz sand, anthracite and manganese sand. Therefore, based on this, this kind of filter can be used in the pre-treatment of demineralized water and pure water. In the effluent turbidity, it can reach below 3 degrees.


Multi-media filter This media filter can also be used in industrial circulating water treatment systems to remove impurities such as water and oil, as well as tiny particles and bacteria. The filter is mainly composed of a cylinder body, a backwash air pipe, a water distribution component, a support component, a filter material, and an exhaust valve. The exhaust valve is of an external type.