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Main performance and characteristics of periphery drive sludge scraper
- Dec 18, 2018 -

The peripheral drive sludge scraper is mainly used for the sludge discharge of the circular sedimentation tank during the use, and is generally used in the case where the diameter of the pool is small.

Characteristics of the surrounding drive sludge scraper

1. It adopts cycloidal pinwheel reducer and worm gear box transmission, which has large transmission torque and good stability.

2. Easy installation, simple maintenance, torque protection and reliable operation.

3. The mud is thoroughly discharged and the specifications are complete.

Main performance of peripheral drive sludge scraper

1. Scrape at the bottom of the pool and slag on the surface of the water. The drive device adopts a shaft-mounted gear reduction motor and a direct drive of the active roller, and has a compact structure and high mechanical efficiency.

2. Parallel misaligned line scraping board, good continuity and high mud collecting efficiency; scraping rubber board at the bottom of stainless steel scraping board to ensure that the scraping mud is completely clean and there will be no floating mud phenomenon.

3. The ratio of the bottom slope of the pool is 1:10. The sludge resistance is negligible when scraping mud; the special hinge structure has strong overload capacity.

4. The main beam is made of square steel and has strong structural strength. It is sprayed with hot-dip galvanizing and has strong anti-corrosion performance.

5. Simple operation, remote control is possible.