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Main Characteristics and Adsorption of Activated Carbon Filter Tank
- Mar 10, 2018 -

Activated carbon filter tank is a kind of automatic filter water purification equipment integrating clarification, filtration, flocculation and aeration in the process of use. Activated carbon filter tank is in the state of countercurrent to the water to be treated due to the filter material. To a certain extent can play a stirring role.

When the coagulant is put into the raw water in the activated carbon filter tank, the flocculation can be directly performed in the filter bed. Since each filter material is a precipitation field, impurities are continuously deposited under the action of gravity and adsorption. The surface of the filter particle, when the water to be filtered flows through the gap of the filter, the impurities in the water are gradually removed from the original flow line, and thus play a major role in trapping impurities.

Main features of activated carbon filter tank

1. The quality of activated carbon filter tank effluent quality is high. In the process of operation, a unique counter-flow filtration technology is used. The removal rate of suspended solids in water can reach more than 98%, so that it can be used under exceptional conditions such as ultra-high flow of people. Its water quality can always meet international standards.

2. Water quality, environmental protection and health, high purification efficiency of the filter, no need to add coagulant and algaecide, effectively avoid chemical pollution of the pool water quality, and protect people's health.

3. Strong impact load: Effortlessly deal with the water quality problems at the peak of pool flow, which is a solid backing for the mass pool's external revenue.

4. Water saving: The original urea removal device specifically for the swimming pool water quality avoids a lot of water changes and saves water by 90%.

5. Energy-saving: No pressure design, unique small resistance water distribution system, saving 70 ~ 80%, effectively reduce operating costs.

6. Save manpower: easy to manage, easy to operate, easy to maintain, saving 90% of manpower.