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Lime storage silo warehouse works
- Jan 30, 2018 -

Often we use lime storage silo in some sewage sludge treatment systems. In fact, the so-called lime storage bin refers to a closed tank for storing bulk materials, which is equipped with a fill level system that shows the position and amount of material. At the same time will also use the hole device, used to lift the material deposition for too long and caused by the strong.


In practice, it is common to use a lime storage silo with a screw conveyor pump so that the material can be transported to the desired location. This device is not only easy to install, safe and reliable, but also with moisture, anti-caking, anti-arch measures. It is understood that, under normal circumstances, its storage capacity to meet the continuous dosing plus the amount of dry powder on the 7th.


It should be noted that, in accordance with the requirements of the lime warehouse after the completion of assembly, but also the inner wall should be polished smooth, remove all impurities, the outer wall rust, brushing rust primer. In practice, be sure to use a special crane to stand up. And then placed on a pre-set basis of the concrete, and to check the vertical alignment of storage silos after the rise, and then the bottom of the basic embedded parts welded firmly.


After completing the above fixing process, it is common to first ship the prepared lime material to the site using a bulk cement truck, and then connect the bulk cement truck delivery line with the lime storage feed line. This allows the lime of the tank to be delivered to the tank via the gas pressure of the bulk cement truck.


Remember that in the process of transporting lime material in the lime storage silo, the staff in the field need to continuously press the button of the vibration motor of the dust collector according to the actual situation to shake off the cement attached to the dust bag. This can prevent the bag blocked, trigger explosion warehouse. In this process, we can use the level to see whether the lime storage warehouse is full or missing material.