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Installation of dissolved air flotation machine and its common types
- Jul 13, 2018 -

In the installation of dissolved air flotation machine, the depth of the pool is generally 2.0 to 2.5 m, because the equipment is stationary and the water body is moving. When the water body enters the contact zone from the reaction chamber, it will change the flow direction and re-distribute the flow rate, that is, convert the water flow into an average upward movement. This requires a certain time and height to complete the change, and its height is generally low. At 1.5m.


The residence time of the water body is generally controlled at 10 to 20 minutes. Since the main equipment in the dissolved air flotation machine is a dissolved gas tank, if the calculation volume of the dissolved gas tank is calculated, the hydraulic retention time is 2 to 4 minutes; During the installation of the dissolved air flotation machine, the scraper periodically stops the scum layer, and it may not be possible to stop the selective liquidation according to the floating time of the scum.


The dissolved air flotation machine can be divided into two types, conventional and new. The conventional equipment consists of a dissolved gas dissolving pump, a dissolved air compressor, a gas solution tank and its corresponding pipeline. In the gas generator, pressurized water and pressurized gas form a dissolved gas. The release device in the air floatation tank is distributed to the air floatation tank through the transfer pipe.


The new dissolved air flotation machine can be divided into a dissolved air pump dissolved gas system and a submersible dissolved air impeller system. The former is a special equipment for vortex pump gas flotation. As long as the porous pipe is installed, there is no need to use special in the air floating pool. Release the device. The latter is similar to a long-axis vertical pump in which the power motor is placed on the upper part and connected to the lower dissolved air impeller via a continuous shaft.