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Inspection requirements and operation procedures before use of industrial dust collector
- Nov 15, 2018 -

The industrial dust collector needs to be inspected before use. Open the cylinder cover to a certain extent to check whether the dust storage bag is tight, whether the suction port is fastened, and the cover is covered. Check the supply voltage and, if necessary, note that the motor is reversing.

Industrial dust collectors with belt-driven industrial vacuum cleaners need to be replaced with new conveyor belts. When operating, the rear door of the vacuum cleaner needs to be opened and replaced. If the belt is loose during operation, open the side door and adjust the control nut to the appropriate position. .

In the process of using industrial dust collectors, if ordinary machines are strictly prohibited in flammable and explosive places, non-special material filter bags should not absorb ignited fire and ultra-high temperature waste; in the absence of dust filter bags and filters It is strictly forbidden to use in the case, otherwise it will directly cause the fan to be damaged; when the filter bag or filter is damaged, it should be replaced in time and cannot be used continuously.