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Influencing Factors and Application Range of Filtering Quality of Activated carbon filter
- Sep 30, 2017 -

From the actual situation to analyze, in fact, the impact of activated carbon filter quality factors are three, namely: the nature of activated carbon adsorbent, the nature of the adsorbate and PH value of wastewater and so on. Here we come together to understand the three influencing factors related knowledge, hope to help everyone.

First, let's look at the effect of the nature of the activated carbon adsorbent in the activated carbon filter on its properties. Often, the larger the surface area, the more the adsorption capacity is. In addition, because the activated carbon is non-polar molecules, so the main adsorption of some non-polar or very low polarity of the adsorbate. At the same time, the size of the activated carbon adsorbent particles, the structure of the pores and the distribution of the same, the same for its adsorption capacity will have a certain impact, and its surface chemical properties also have a certain degree of impact.

So what is the effect of the nature of the adsorbate on the performance of the activated carbon filter? In fact, the nature of the adsorbate depends largely on its solubility, surface free energy, polarity, size of adsorbate molecules, saturation and concentration of the deposit.

In addition, the use of activated carbon filter in the process, the PH value of the solution will also affect its adsorption effect to a certain extent. In contrast, in the acidic solution, its adsorption is higher than the adsorption rate in alkaline solution. This is because the PH value will affect the adsorbate in the water in the state and solubility and so on. At present, the equipment is mainly used in food, medicine, chemical, electronics, industrial wastewater and other fields.

Activated carbon filter filter should have a certain strength, otherwise, in the case of under pressure, may be damaged. In addition, in the design and production, should be as much as possible to ensure that easy to clean and replace the filter to enhance the user experience.

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