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How to safely operate the periphery drive sludge scraper?
- Sep 28, 2017 -

Periphery drive sludge scraper by virtue of its many excellent performance, so by the user's wide acclaim. However, in the use of periphery drive sludge scraper in the process, the user still need to pay more attention. As a user, we must be familiar with the correct steps to ensure that the successful completion of the work tasks. So, what do you know about the specific steps?

Here we come to you for a brief introduction to the specific operation method, hoping to help to everyone. First of all, in daily work, we need to regularly check the periphery drive sludge scraper, in particular, pay attention to view the degree of smooth suction pipe, gas pipeline size, and to adjust to the best condition. In addition, it is necessary to check the slagging slag discharge situation.

If it is found that such as the periphery drive sludge scraper slag condition is not ideal, then the need for timely staff to adjust the slag plate to the appropriate distance. After checking and confirming that there is no abnormality, we should turn on the required power supply voltage for the device and add the appropriate amount of oil to each drive section and turn on the device. During the operation of the equipment, should pay attention to observe its running status, if abnormal circumstances, should be adjusted.

When the work is completed, we need to shut down the Periphery drive sludge scraper, and to fill out the operation of the equipment carefully. If a special situation occurs, not only to record the specific circumstances, but also need to report to the relevant responsible person in time. In the actual work, the operator should start and stop the scraper according to the button instructions.

Need to remind everyone that in the periphery drive sludge scraper running process, the staff need to pay attention to observe the operation of their various parts of the temperature rise. If the temperature is too high, you should immediately shut down the equipment, and promptly reflect the situation for processing. In addition also need to pay attention to see the various parts of the connection, if there is loosening, should be tightened.

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