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How to choose the bar screen drum filter
- Jun 05, 2018 -

The properties of the bar screen drum filter are, from a professional point of view, a filter because it is within the filter range. Moreover, it is mainly used for filtering operations. The purchase of this type of filter, in general, is to take into account the detailed product parameters, real-time quotes, price quotes, as well as its manufacturers and after-sales service, etc., and to consider these factors in a comprehensive manner. Row.


The grill drum in the bar screen drum filter can be said to be an important filter component, and it plays an important role in filtering. Without this component, the filter cannot work properly and is used. .


This part of the bar screen drum filter, which can be used in urban sewage treatment and industrial wastewater treatment, has the main advantages of large area of action and small hydraulic loss, and it can completely remove slag to achieve higher separation efficiency. Its working principle is:

When the sewage flows from the end of the drum into the drum, the water passes through the grid in the grid of the grid, and solid impurities therein are flown in the grid frame and removed by the tines for subsequent processing. The squeezed water is returned to the drain. The sewage obtained in the sewage treatment is sent to containers or subsequent equipment and can be treated in a centralized manner.


Bar screen drum filter this type of filter, which is mainly used in various filtering operations, has many applications and applications. Moreover, from the current point of view, in the industries such as leather, paper and food, it is possible to use a grill drum filter, and it is possible to have good performance and a good filtering effect.


This part of the drum membrane grille, which can be used on the grill drum filter. Its composition mainly includes the two components of the bracket and the drum grille. And in this type of drum grille, there are also two components, the dirt bowl and the screw conveyor. In addition, the screen of the drum grille also includes the two nets and the filter membrane. In terms of its material, it is made of stainless steel.