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Horizontal flow air flotation machine structural features
- May 08, 2018 -

The horizontal flow air flotation machine is mainly used in the sewage treatment industry to perform solid-liquid separation and effectively remove suspended solids, grease and rubber substances in the sewage. Used in pre-treatment of wastewater. This type of air flotation device is composed of a dissolved air pump, an air compressor, a dissolved gas tank, a tank, and the like, and there are two systems, an air flotation system and a scraping system.


Horizontal flow air flotation machine structural features:

(1) The dissolved gas tank in the flotation machine can generate fine bubbles with a particle size of 20-40 μm, so that the flocs can be firmly adhered to obtain a good flotation effect.

(2) Generally speaking, it does not use a flocculant, so it can effectively reduce the use cost and cost.

(3) It is very simple and convenient to use and easy to handle in the operation of air floes. In addition, it is easy to control in water quality and water quantity.

(4) In the advection-type dissolved air flotation machine, a backwash system can also be provided so that the problem of clogging of the releaser can be avoided.