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High sales volume High-strength Dissolved Air Floatation
- Mar 26, 2017 -
  • Flotation Machine Type: Dissolved Air Flotation Machine

  • Capacity: 1-300cbm/Hour

  • Optional Color: Grey, Black, Orange, Green, Blue

  • Origin: Jiangsu

  • Method: Chemical Treatment

  • Usage: Industrial, Agriculture

  • Trademark: WOMA

  • Specification: ISO

Product Description
Wastewater Treatment System, DAF Unit, 3-300m3/hour capacity

Dissolved Air Floatation is mainly for solid-liquid or liquid-liquid separation. Large sum of micro bubbles produced by dissolving and releasing system adhere to solid or liquid particles with same density as waste water to make the whole float to the surface thus achieve the aim of solid-liquid or liquid-liquid separation.

Product Description
3-300 cbm/hour
Dissolved Air Flotation unit
Wastewater Treatment Plant

The DAF Separator provides effectived of suspended solids, fats, oils and greases from liquids by dissolved air flotation.Flotation of the solids is accomplished by the introduction of microscopic air bubbles into the process water.As the bubbles rise, they attach themselves ti zhe particales in suspension and carry them to the surface for removed.

1.Extremely high srcaping speed (2-3 times faster than conventional design) and safty operation because of using fully reverse and closed scraper.
2.High hydraulic load and low footprint because of horizontal plates in the separation zone, more effective separation and optimization hydraulic flow in the separation area.
3.Better outlet water quality because of W-shape sludge sedimentation hopper.
4.Effectively minimize chemical consumption because of re-flocculation performance of reverse scraping design.
5.No blind angle in scum collection chamber.

Corresponding  water quality:High SS, and  the specific gravity of suspended solids or contaminants is generally slight greater than water, settle effectively and have a pretty clear tendency to precipitate, like:
Oil and Fats, Food Industry effluents with high solids concentration,
Sludge Thickening,
Galvanizing Electroplanting,
Pharmaceutical Industry,
Leather Industry,etc.

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