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High quality Integrated Underground Sewage Treatment Equipment
- Mar 24, 2017 -

Sewage Treatment Equipment Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Method:Biological Treatment

  • Flotation Machine Type:Dissolved Air Flotation Machine

  • Usage:Industrial, Home, Agriculture, Hospital, Petroleum,Chemical,Papermaking,Leather, Printing

  • Centrifuge Technology Use:Sedimentation

  • Centrifuge Installation:Vertical

  • Size:Customized

  • Material:Carbon & Stainless Steel

  • Transport Package:Seaworthy Package

  • Origin:Wuxi China

Product Description
1.Equipment of all buried, half buried, or placed on the surface above, is not arranged according to the standard form, according to the buried topography and need to set up.
2.Equipment and set up the basic don't cover surface area,don't need to build a house and can be done on the heating of the heat preservation facilities, parking lot, road greening, etc.
3.Filling oxygen through the aerated conduit which produced by  German OTT system engineering Co., Ltd, is used on microporous detonation gas, which has the characteristics of non clogging, high oxygen transfer efficiency, good effect of aeration, energy and electricity saving.
4.Using integrated design, which could cover less area, save investment and reduce operation cost. Automatic control system is also used.
5.New technology, good effect, less sludge;Convenient operation and maintenance; Low noise, long service life and can run continuously for more than 10 years.

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