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High mechanical efficiency and sludge settling performance of the suspended center-drive sludge scraper
- Sep 15, 2018 -

The suspended center-drive sludge scraper has few transmission links and high mechanical efficiency. The whole equipment has a compact structure. When operating, the over-torque protection mechanism can be set as needed. When the torque reaches its set value, it will automatically stop and stop. In this way, the safe and reliable operation of the equipment can be guaranteed.

The main shaft of the suspended center-drive sludge scraper adopts a rigid tube structure, and there is no bearing at the bottom of the tank, which eliminates the extremely poor bottom maintenance work. The scraping arm rotates around the central axis of the pool under the driving of the transmission device, and the scraper on the scraping arm pushes the sludge deposited at the bottom of the pool from the outside to the center to the mud collecting pit. During the operation, the scraping plate and the scraping arm are subjected to the foreign matter card. Accidental causes such as excessive plugging or mud accumulation cause the transmission to be twisted. When the torque reaches the set value, the over-torque protection mechanism acts, the power is cut off, and the alarm is automatically stopped.

The suspended center-drive sludge scraper is mainly used in the primary and secondary settling tanks with a diameter of 4-20m, and the thickener is used in the concentration tank. The sedimentation form is a radial flow type, and the inlet and outlet modes are intermediate water inlet and peripheral water outlet, respectively. The selection of the center drive suspension type scraper (concentration) machine for sludge removal and slag removal equipment mainly depends on the amount of sludge to be settled and the sedimentation performance of the sludge. The sludge load can be designed according to the application occasion and design manual.