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High-efficiency Dissolved Air Flotation Machine for Chemical Wastewater Treatment Machine
- Mar 26, 2017 -

Dissolved Air Flotation Basic Info

Flotation Machine Type: Dissolved Air Flotation Machine

Centrifuge Technology Use: Filter

Material: Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel

Pullution Sources: Water Pollution Control

Transport Package: Sea Export Packing

Method: Combined Treatment

Usage: Industrial, Home, Agriculture, Hospital

Centrifuge Installation: Horizontal

Processing Methods: Physics and Chemistry

Trademark: WOMA

Origin: Jiangsu ,wuxi, China

Product Description
1. Application
Air floatation method is widely used in the sewage treatment field in recent years. By using this method, the light floc which is hard to be precipitated can be effectively eliminated.
2. Features
  1. Large capacity, high efficiency and small occupying space.

  2. Compact structure, easy operation and maintenance.

  3. Silt expansion elimination

  4. Aerate to the water while air floating, it has an obvious effect to the elimination of active agent and foul smell in water. Meanwhile, the increased dissolved oxygen provides a favorable condition to the follow-up process.

  5. It can achieve the best effect by using the air flotation method when disposing the water with lower temperature, lower turbidity and more algae.

 Air floatation equipment can be divided into following specifications according to the different capacity: 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300m3/h etc. Also it can be designed by customer's requirement.
Note: The technical parameters above is for reference only, we reserve the right to its modification without prior notice. We also provide concrete tank body design and full set interior accessories according to users' requirements and quality of water.
 Operating Principle
The pollutant in the sewage can be divided into soluble organics and unsoluble matter (SS). The soluble organics can be converted to be unsoluble matter under certain condition, this is one of the sewage treatment methods. Using this method, the soluble organics can be converted to be unsoluble matter by coagulant and flocculants, thus achieving the goal of removing SS so as to purify the water.
The sewage after dosing enters into the air floatation mixed zone, and contacts with the released dissolved gas water, thus make the flocculants adhere to the micro-bubble and then flows into the air floating zone. The flocculants rise to the surface of water as scum, some of the water reflows as the dissolved gas water and the other water flows into the clean water pool. The scum will be cleaned by the foam scraper.

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