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High efficiency shallow flotation device principle and process
- Feb 05, 2018 -

High efficiency shallow flotation device is also based on flotation separation technology to achieve the purpose of purifying water quality. Due to the pressure of air and water, the gas will dissolve into the water as much as possible and strive to be saturated. After the efficient shallow air flotation device through the release of decompression, will produce a large number of fine bubbles, full contact with suspended floc in the water, so that suspended floc in the water adhesion to the micro-bubble, with the bubbles floating to the surface.


After many years of empirical analysis and research, what we now call the efficient shallow flotation device is actually equivalent to a very advanced rapid flotation system. It is mainly based on the traditional theory of flotation, meanwhile applies the principle of "shallow theory" and "zero speed" flexibly. By carefully designing and integrating such functions as condensation, flotation, skimming, sedimentation and scraping mud, A high efficiency water purification equipment.


The main analysis of the above is on the principle of high efficiency shallow flotation device, then we briefly understand its main process. In the process of using the device, the raw water flows from the bottom center pipe by flocculation mixing, and the scum on the water surface will be collected by the skimmer and then discharged into the central sludge tank and discharged into the matched sludge device. Sludge at the bottom of the pond is collected by the scraper to draining the sludge tank, and fresh water is collected and discharged through the central catchment.


From the appearance to analyze, in fact, this highly efficient shallow flotation device looks cylindrical as a whole, due to the design is reasonable, so its overall structure is compact and reasonable, and the pond shallow. The main body of the device mainly comprises five parts, namely a pool body, a rotating water distribution mechanism, a dissolved air release mechanism, a frame mechanism, a water collecting mechanism and the like.


Normally, during structural design, the inlet, outlet and scum outlet of the efficient shallow air flotation device are located in the central area of the cell body, while the water distributing mechanism, water collecting mechanism and dissolved air releasing mechanism Is closely linked with the framework, around the pool body rotation.