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Gas-liquid-solid three-phase separator to achieve good separation of the basic conditions
- Dec 21, 2017 -

Gas-liquid-solid three-phase separator determines the quality of the final anaerobic treatment capacity, we can see that the selection of a high quality gas-liquid solid three-phase separator in the sewage treatment project is particularly crucial. Throughout the process, the device has helped one of the most important components because its functionality and efficiency have a tremendous impact on the overall system's processing power.


The current application situation, in order to meet the requirements of different occasions, so manufacturers have also designed a different structure of the gas-liquid solid three-phase separator. The device also combines two major functions, namely collection of biogas generated by the reaction chamber, so that the suspended solids within the separator effective settlement. So, the specific working process of the device is what?


In response to this problem, the actual running process of the gas-liquid solid three-phase separator can be summarized as follows: the three-phase mixed flow containing a large number of bubbles in the reactor rises to the bottom of the separator; after contacting with the reflector, Solid, liquid phase separation, concentrated to the gas chamber emissions. The liquid-solid mixture enters the separator, separates in the sedimentation zone, and the supernatant is discharged through the weir. In addition, the sludge therein will successively undergo flocculation, sedimentation and concentration, and finally return to the reaction zone through the sludge return port.


From the above introduction, we can understand that, in fact, want to make the gas-liquid solid three-phase separator to achieve good separation, then it should meet such three basic conditions: 1, before the water and sludge mixture into the sedimentation zone, the bubble Must be separated; 2, the sludge residence time in the precipitator to be as short as possible to prevent gas in the sedimentation zone; 3, sedimentation zone surface load should choose a smaller value, so that the effective settlement of the sludge.


In fact, even though the structural design is different, all of the basic organization of the gas-liquid solid three-phase separator is the same. Both are composed of a plenum, a settling chamber, a mixture inlet, a sludge return and a reflector cone or a gas barrier composition. In actual operation, the complete separation of the gas, the inlet of the mixture and the separation of the sludge return opening all contribute to enhancing the separation effect of the gas-liquid solid three-phase separator.