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Functional characteristics and complex system of high efficiency dissolved air flotation machine
- Sep 08, 2018 -

The high efficiency dissolved air flotation machine can clean different degrees of wastewater during the operation. During the operation, the untreated sewage first enters the small aeration section of the air flotation machine, and the air on the liquid surface is input into the water, and the micro-bubbles are ready for use. Produced; the imbalance between the water mixture and the liquid creates a vertical upward buoyancy that brings the solid suspension to the surface.

After the suspended solids of the high-efficiency dissolved air flotation reaches the water surface, the suspended matter is supported and maintained on the water surface by these bubbles, and is removed by the radial airflow thrust; the sewage purified by the air flotation machine is discharged before being discharged. The outlet below the metal plate enters the overflow trough and is discharged.

Functional characteristics of high efficiency dissolved air flotation machine

1. The unique design makes the amount of inhaled air much, and the dissolved air pump has a good effect of inhaling and mixing, and the pump is pressurized and mixed, the gas-liquid dissolution efficiency is high, and the fine bubbles are ≤30um.

2. Dissolved air pump can replace the complex system consisting of circulating pump, air compressor, dissolved gas tank, jet and release head.

3. Low-pressure operation, low energy-saving noise, dissolved gas efficiency up to 99%, release rate up to 99%.

4. High-efficiency adsorption of microbubbles and suspended particles improves the removal effect of SS.

5. Dissolved gas water dissolution efficiency is 80-100%, which is 3 times higher than traditional dissolved air flotation efficiency.