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Flotation machine boot check, the relevant considerations and uses
- Dec 23, 2017 -

Flotation machine boot time check, the first point to speak, that is, to pay attention to check all the valves in normal working condition; check the container tank water level is in normal working condition; Next, we actually should pay attention to should be To go check the electrical equipment in the normal work of the body. And flotation machine is to pay attention to regular bearing, chain and its sprockets, gears and so on to add grease.


Furthermore, when it comes to the flotation machine boot notice, the first point, we should pay attention to ensure that the water level is neither flooded filler layer, affect the dissolved gas effect; but also not less than 0.6m, this time is Can prevent a large number of undissolved air with the central water.


On the flotation machine when the water temperature lower coagulation effect, in addition to increase the amount of dosage can be taken to make up for the increase due to the viscosity of the water flow to reduce the flotation performance of the flotation. Next, the flotation machine is based on the reaction tank flocculation or flotation tank separation zone scum and the quality of its effluent and other changes, this time, that is, it should be noted that it is timely to adjust its coagulant On the dosage.


Next, on the flotation machine is to pay attention to the need to regularly run the scraper to remove scum, the next to say, that is, should pay attention to the establishment of its relevant scraping system in line with the actual situation. This air flotation machine will be used on the bronze gas-liquid mixing pump pressurized dissolved air flotation system, this time, it will omit the pressure pump, air compressor, then it will use the jet, high pressure solution Gas tank and other related complex settings.


Finally, we actually have to pay attention to the flotation machine itself is also very good in terms of the processing effect, debugging is also very convenient, with the characteristics of saving labor, then, in fact, we should pay attention to its very large To the extent that is, it will be considered in terms of labor-saving costs and effects. Such flotation machines are also an excellent choice.