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Floatation System /Water Treatment/Oily Sewage Water Treatment
- Mar 26, 2017 -

Product Detail

Product Description
WQF model  Floatation System  is an efficient integration of oily sewage treatment technology.

Operating Principle:

Air flotation in addition to the concept of suspended solids is dissolved air water into containing suspended solids in the solution, make water - gas - water suspended solids three-phase hybrid system, due to a large number of tiny air bubbles from the dissolved air water precipitation adhesion in the suspended particles and oil drops in water, make its density less than water and the surface, thus achieve the goal of solid (liquid) liquid separation. Air flotation can remove suspended solids, dispersed oil, emulsified oil.

Technology advantage:
1, oil-water separation efficiency is high, the processing load. For a high concentration of inlet oil concentration and oil removal rate can reach more than 95%;
2, adopting micro bubbles to adhere to small particles, good adhesion effect and scum is stable, not easy backmixing;
3, flotation agent consumption province, saving than conventional air flotation agents more than 1/2;
4, no mechanical transmission parts, energy saving, and reliability. Maintenance is simple;

Applicable occasions:
Oil field, refining, chemical and other industries the processing of oily water and suspended solids, to achieve the requirement of the discharge recycling or product recycling.

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