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Features and Applications of High Efficiency Shallow Flotation Device
- Jan 11, 2018 -

High efficiency shallow flotation device also combines a variety of functions in one, from the overall point of view, the appearance of the shape of a cylindrical, compact, shallow pool. The use of efficient shallow air flotation device, can simultaneously achieve condensation, air flotation, skimming, sedimentation and scraping mud and other operating requirements.


First of all, let's briefly introduce the basic composition of an efficient shallow air flotation device. The device is mainly composed of a pool body, a rotating water distribution mechanism, a dissolved air release mechanism, a frame mechanism and a water collecting mechanism. The water inlet, the water outlet and the scum discharge outlet are located in the central area of the cell body. The water distribution mechanism, the water collecting mechanism and the dissolved air release mechanism are tightly connected with the frame and rotate around the center of the cell body.


In contrast, high efficiency shallow flotation device in the feedwater treatment process, is a very important part. Especially when it is used to remove tiny suspended particles whose specific gravity is close to water, it shows obvious advantages.


Secondly, we briefly introduce the performance characteristics of an efficient shallow air flotation device: Under normal circumstances, it can achieve a larger amount of water purification, that is to say, it has a higher surface load capacity. In addition, the pool hydraulic retention time is about 3 to 5 minutes. Due to its compact structure, it covers a small area and has a light unit load. All prefabricated components are assembled.


In the process of using the efficient shallow air flotation device, the user does not need to dispose the operation room additionally, the installation and maintenance cost is small, and the purification degree can be higher. In addition, the device structure is clever and reasonable layout, dissolved gas efficiency up to 90%, while the volume accounted for only one-fifth of the ordinary dissolved gas system.


Because of this, the application of efficient shallow air flotation device is also more and more widely used. So far, it can not only be used for removing algae and turbidity from the tap water of lake water, but also can be applied to industrial sewage treatment projects. In addition, the efficient shallow air flotation device also has a good effect in the recovery of useful materials for sewage.