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Examples of high efficiency combined air flotation machine and other equipment
- Sep 14, 2017 -

High efficiency combined air flotation machine, which in essence, it belongs to the air flotation machine, is a kind of air flotation machine, so if you want to have a comprehensive understanding and understanding of the airplane, then, this A specific type, is not to be familiar with and understand, otherwise, can not achieve the above purpose. So, based on this, then, will be its learning and understanding, so that we can also some of the harvest and inspiration.

High efficiency combined air flotation machine

1. Are there any differences in pressure dissolved air flotation equipment and high efficiency combined air flotation machine?

Pressure dissolved air flotation equipment, is a combination of air flotation, that is, the combination of air flotation, which is a pressure dissolved air flotation. So, both of which are for the inclusion of the relationship, and the former range is greater than the latter. In addition, in the dissolved gas way, these two are not the same. Therefore, the pressure dissolved air flotation equipment and high efficiency combined air flotation machine, there is a difference between the two, and the difference is still great.

2. What are the differences between the air flotation machine and the aeration machine? This is the same for efficient combination of air flotation machine, is it the same?

Air flotation machine and aeration machine, the difference between them, if the summary summary, then, there are the following, is:

Difference 1: the pressure required for air flotation machine is higher than the aeration machine.

Difference two: the capacity of the air flotation machine is to be less than the aeration machine; air flotation machine generated by the bubble, is less than the aeration machine aeration head.

Difference three: airplane work, is the need for water, and the aerator work, you do not need.

These differences, the combination of high efficiency combined with the air flotation machine, if compared with the aerator, is the same, so the same applies, because it belongs to the airplane this category.

3. High efficiency combined air flotation machine, which can be used to degrease it? In addition, what is the role of it in sewage treatment?

High efficiency combined air flotation machine, which can be used to degrease, and is a good degreasing effect. As for the use of it in the sewage treatment, in the specific role, is to remove suspended solids in the sewage, therefore, is generally used in industrial wastewater treatment.

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