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Driving Sludge Scraper Main Structure and Use Requirements
- Aug 10, 2017 -

Driving sludge scraper is very suitable for use in the process of water supply and drainage works in the advection-type sedimentation tank, in the course of the operation will be settled in the bottom of the sludge scraping to the set of mud tank, and then effectively the pool The surface of the scum to write into the slag groove, the user can effectively according to their requirements to set the dross scraper.

Driving sludge scraper.jpg

Driving sludge scraper transmission device is mainly installed in the walking wheel bracket, in use, mainly by the cycloid reducer, asynchronous induction motor and the base and other components, such transmission of its high efficiency and high torque transmission The Equipment running smoothly and low noise.

Driving sludge scraper opportunities in the reducer shaft sprocket in the effective set of its safety shear pin, so that will be to some extent, the effective realization of its mechanical overload protection function, the motor slowdown device will have enough output torque, Its rated torque is greater than 1.25 times the scraper scraper torque.

Driving sludge scraper of the transmission device is not adjusted up and down after the installation, mainly in the use of transmission gears to carry the transmission, requiring uniform gear gap uniform noise no noise phenomenon.

Driving sludge scraper in and running the motor in the operation requires no interdependence, each running non-interference, the bottom of the equipment will be effectively equipped with underwater walking wheel structure, so that you can to a certain extent, to ensure its effective Stable operation, the two walking motor mainly using synchronous motor, so that you can ensure that the two sides of the walking smooth.

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