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Dissolved air flotation machine working principle
- Mar 01, 2018 -

Dissolved air flotation machine in the use of a flotation, the operation is mainly the use of water at different pressures under different solubility characteristics, such equipment for all or part of the water to be processed under pressure And add gas, so that will to some extent increase the amount of water dissolved in air.

Dissolved air flotation opportunities Effective access to the added coagulant water, released at atmospheric pressure, the small bubbles formed in the air precipitation, the operation will be directly adhered to the impurities in the flock , Resulting in the overall density of flocs is less than water and rise, so that solid-liquid separation.

Dissolved air flotation machine is suitable for handling low turbidity, low oil content, high organic content, high chroma and algae-rich water during operation, compared with other air flotation methods, it has the advantages of high hydraulic load and compact cell Etc.

Dissolved air flotation machine working principle

1. In the pressurized conditions, the air solubility, air supply float with a large number of bubbles to ensure flotation effect.

2. Dissolved air flotation machine in the dissolved gas suddenly decompression release, it will produce bubbles to some extent, not only fine, uniform size, density, and floating stability, small disturbance to the liquid. Therefore, especially suitable for the loose flocs, fine particles of solid-liquid separation.

3 process and equipment is relatively simple, low cost, and can greatly save energy consumption.

4. Partial reflux treatment effect is significant, stable, and can greatly save energy consumption.

5. Small footprint, high water yield per unit area, scum low moisture content, without continuous scraping residue.