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Dissolved air flotation machine with large processing capacity and sewage treatment process
- Dec 04, 2018 -

Dissolved air flotation machine has large sewage treatment capacity, high efficiency and small footprint. The whole process of the equipment is very simple in the process of the process and the equipment. It is very easy to use and maintain to a certain extent. The Dissolved air flotation machine can be effective. To eliminate the expansion of the sludge, the aerated air flotation machine aerates the water when it floats, which has obvious effect on removing the surfactant and odor in the water, and at the same time, the aeration increases the dissolved oxygen in the water for subsequent treatment. Provided favorable conditions.

The Dissolved air flotation machine can effectively reduce the load of the biochemical unit in the sewage treatment process to a certain extent, and plays an important role in improving the removal rate of COD and BOD. For low temperature, low turbidity and water sources containing algae, air flotation is adopted. The law can achieve good results.

In the process of dissolving air flotation machine, the pollutants in the sewage are divided into dissolved organic matter and non-dissolvable matter. Under certain conditions, the dissolved organic matter can be converted into non-solution-solving matter under use, and sewage treatment One of the methods is to add a coagulant and a flocculant to transfer most of the dissolved organic matter into an insoluble matter, and then remove all or most of the non-solution-solving substances (ie, SS) to purify the sewage. The main method of removing SS is to use the method of air flotation.