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Dissolved air flotation machine process features and scope of use
- Mar 24, 2018 -

Dissolved air flotation machines are a type of water that is introduced into the water or generates a large number of microscopic bubbles, so that the air is attached to the suspended particles in the form of tiny bubbles dispersed at a high speed, which will directly result in a density lower than that of water. The buoyancy principle is used to make it float on the water, thereby realizing the solid-liquid separation water treatment equipment.

Dissolved air flotation machine process features

1. Under the pressurized conditions, the air has a high solubility, and there are many air bubbles for air flotation to ensure the air flotation effect.

2. The dissolved gas is released by sudden decompression. The resulting bubbles are not only fine, uniform in particle size, dense in density, but also stable in floating, and have little disturbance to the liquid. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for the solid-liquid separation of loose flocs and fine particles.

3. The process and equipment of air floatation equipment are relatively simple and easy to manage and maintain.

Dissolved air flotation machine scope of use

1. Suitable for separating fine suspended solids, algae and micro flocs in surface water.

2. It can recover useful substances in industrial wastewater, such as pulp fiber and filler in papermaking wastewater.

3. It can replace the secondary settling tank to separate and concentrate the remaining activated sludge, especially suitable for those biochemical treatment processes that are easy to produce sludge swelling.

4. Suitable for separation and recovery of suspended oil and emulsified oil in waste water.

5. Suitable for separation and recovery in the presence of molecules or ions.

Pressurized air-dissolving air floatation equipment dissolves air in treated water under a certain pressure. The pressure is generally 0.2-0.6 MPa, and then it is suddenly reduced to atmospheric pressure. The air dissolved in water is in the form of tiny bubbles (the diameter of bubbles is generally For 20~100 μm), it escapes from the water and adheres to the suspended solids in the water and floats to the surface of the water to form scum. It is then discharged by the slag scraper into the dross tank, and the clear water flows from the lower part of the air floatation tank to achieve solid- Liquid separation.