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Dissolved air flotation machine operation precautions
- Apr 17, 2018 -

Dissolved air flotation machines can be used to treat different wastewaters, such as paper mills, which can be used to treat papermaking wastewater, and complete fiber recycling. In addition, the dissolved air floatation machine can also be used for printing and dyeing wastewater treatment, electroplating, etc. containing various heavy metal ion wastewater treatment, oily wastewater treatment, tanning wastewater treatment, chemical wastewater treatment, paint wastewater treatment, food wastewater treatment and algae-containing surface water treatment, etc. .


It should be noted that during the entire operation, staff members must strictly observe the operating rules. First of all, before turning on the dissolved air flotation machine, check whether the electrical equipment and rotating parts are normal. Secondly, during production, it is necessary to pay attention to working pressure, dissolved air flow, and waste water flow in the dissolved gas tank. Remember that the water pump in the equipment should not be drained as much as possible to operate without load to prevent damage.


Third, during the use of dissolved air flotation machine, care must be taken to ensure that the releaser is clean, and that the amount of coagulant dosed is to be properly controlled. If a poor treatment is found, the releaser should be checked for blockages and coagulants immediately. Dosage and so on. When using strong acids and alkalis, wear protective clothing such as overalls, shoes, hats, masks, gloves, glasses, etc. to avoid direct contact with hands.


Fourth, in the process of operation must pay attention to safety, do not use wet hands to touch electrical equipment, if you need to check, must be in the case of power off. During the operation of the dissolved air flotation machine, the water level in the pressure tank must be properly controlled. The water level can not submerge the packing layer, but it must not be too low to prevent the outflow of water with a large number of bubbles. Generally, the water level is kept above 600 mm from the bottom of the tank. .


In addition to these requirements, in order to ensure the quality of water after dissolved air flotation machine, it is necessary to raise the water level in the tank during scraping, and perform regular scraping according to the optimum thickness of the dross and the moisture content of the dross. If you do not use a dissolved air floater for a while, empty the water inside and remove it.