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Dissolved Air Flotation Machine Maintain
- Aug 19, 2017 -

Dissolved air flotation machine mainly in the water purification, domestic sewage, industrial wastewater treatment can remove a variety of impurities, if used in the maintenance of regular maintenance, will be able to improve its efficiency, thereby extending its service life. How to maintain dissolved air flotation machine? Xiao Bian detailed explanation.
1. Clean water pump, air compressor, scraper machine to regularly lubricate the oil, the general air compressor two months plus an oil, half a year for oil.
2. into the dissolved air flotation machine must be dosing, otherwise the effect is not ideal.
3. The reading of the pressure gauge on the dissolved gas tank shall not exceed 0.6MPa.
4. Regularly check the dissolved air flotation machine on the dissolved gas tank safety valve is reliable.
5. When the dispenser is clogged, you can open the vacuum valve to open the release tab and clean it with water.
6. Flotation tanks should be cleaned regularly.
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