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Dissolved Air Flotation Machine Dissolved Tank And Winter Maintenance Work
- Jul 04, 2017 -

In the air flotation machine, this is the kind of dissolved air flotation machine, it is possible for everyone to understand and understand it, it is not very comprehensive and concrete, it is possible to know only one, so it is necessary to carry out its learning work So that we can have a substantial understanding and understanding of it, and at the same time, you can also increase their knowledge in this area, that is, you can learn from their own benefit.

1. What are the specific types of gas turbines As well as the dissolved tank, what specific role?

The specific types of dissolved air flotation machine, specifically speaking, are of the three types of advection, upflow and synthesis, among which the comprehensive type is the specific species obtained by combining several kinds.

The main function of the dissolved tank in the dissolved air floatation machine is that it is in a range of 0.2-0.6 MPa under certain pressure, ensuring that the air can be fully dissolved in the waste water and that the water and gas can be carried out Fully mixed, so that the subsequent treatment of the wastewater to get a good treatment effect.

In addition, at the top of the dissolved tank, an exhaust valve is provided to discharge the undissolved air so as not to affect the working effect of the dissolved air floatation machine and to avoid some problems.

2. Soluble air floatation machine winter maintenance

Dissolved air flotation machine in winter maintenance, its specific content, mainly in the following are:

(1) Before the start of each class, to check the following dissolved air flotation machine into the sewage pump and the return pump, whether there is freezing or freezing phenomenon, as well as the pump lubrication and sealing, etc., but also to be checked, whether has a problem.

(2) to check the air compressor, whether it is a problem, and its operation is normal, with or without noise and fever and other phenomena.

(3) on the air flotation valve on the valve, but also to conduct a comprehensive inspection, whether the problem of pipeline congestion, and its switch, is in the correct position. If it is stopped, then, to put its internal water clean, can not have residue.


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